Betsy actively supports and mentors women, and looks for opportunities to showcase women-owned businesses.  She is know for her inspiring keynotes and well as interactive events which are likely to involve creativity and possibly crafts.

In August of 2014, Betsy joined Dr. James Rouse and her best friends Cathy and Gary Hawk to start a "Self Care Revolution" and stand for self care instead of health care. Betsy leads a national team of Wellness Warriors, advocating for each of us to have the energy to live our best lives.

Betsy's Philosophy: Serve BIG

After 15 years of support for Project Mercy, a school, hospital and orphanage in Yetebon, Ethiopia, Betsy led a team of Camp Sister friends to take 400 pounds of donated goods and serve for a week at the complex.

"Betsy's Notes from the Roadtrip keynote gave me the tips for my own journey.  Her story-telling style, humor and fun was a highlight of the event!"    Carol Calkins, Hospital Administrator

Play BIG with Betsy

Betsy WiersmaSerial Entrepreneur * Camp Mother * WOW Expert 

"I am alive to the extent that I serve." is a favorite quote of Dr. James Rouse, naturopathic doctor and friend of Betsy.  This "service above self" philosophy permeates everything Betsy leads.   Here are a few of her works in the world.

Women Helping Women