Dream in Detail

Jan 09, 2023
Do you dream in Detail?

Dreaming In Detail: A Surprise from Renee from Youngstown, OH

I have been dreaming of all kinds of details for my “new life” as an art fashion designer and clothing sales instigator. Who ever knew (not me) that my art would take me on the wild ride from one piece of clothing to 30 designs on 40 styles…in just 16 months. I just returned from four shows in Florida and I owe my debt of gratitude to Lindsay Andreotti, my partner in that mission. Lindsay and I loaded up the BAT (Big Ass Truck) and drove from her show in Daytona to Naples and back to Orlando. We laughed, we ate Chick-fil-A from the drive through and went to the great Goodwill store in Naples. I digress. Fun was had.

So About Renee My Surprise

Lindsay and I have been dreaming in HUGE details about the Art on Purpose brand and her One-of-a-Kindness Club that we will support. You can join the Kindness Club here

And my mission has been to prepare for selling to the Museum Store Association who is coming to Denver for a National Convention in May. I have an ad in the national magazine, a set of collectible Denver stickers, a gift for visiting my new Museums Store page on my website and a postcard to tie it all together. The webpage will be all fancy with my wholesale program and my Pick Box. And all this time and money is investing in the “perfect impression” for my new buyer friends. The program will launch mid-March.

Then Friday, a nice lady named Renee from Youngstown, Ohio, filled out an interest form on my regular Art on Purpose website and said she was interest in “my beautiful art that would be great in her Museum Store.” I called and sent her my scoop. No muss, no fuss!

What Do We All Learn From Renee? Take A Breath!

I am such a planner that I spend my days and nights “making things perfect” for the desired end results that I dream in detail about. I made up the story that my Museums pitch had to be “all new” and perfect. And that I had to figure out a new industry and do it all right. And then from one post in my Museum Association weekly feed, I met Renee. I learned that all my dreaming is FANTASTIC and it is important to put my best self forward. And I know that no matter what, God has got this and my Art on Purpose and free art class hangtag will attract the right buyers. AMEN.

So here are my tips for your dreaming in detail…and then take action and let it go!

  • Start with your imagination: What does it look like when it works? Write down everything about the details when your dream is coming true
  • Now ask..what else? Add more details to the picture. What do you feel like? What is your day flow or schedule? What does your work environment need to be to support you living your dream? Who is supporting you? (or driving your BAT?)
  • When I plan I use these key elements: Goals, measurements of success for each goal, tactics, timeline and budget
  • Then when you have a plan: Just Do It! Take one step at a time and move toward the imagined results.

All the planning is helpful to clarify your best end results and to put the energy in the world that you are ready for SUCCESS! But I learned from Renee, the best secret sauce is the trust in God that He has got you and everything will be just as it should be…..

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Let’s dream up some greatness!