Let’s Take A New Year Voyage

Feb 02, 2023
New year, New you

2023 Welcome. It’s A New Year and New You. Time for a Voyage

Here is an art piece that I created that I think is a perfect way to start 2023. Did you know that “voyage” is a noun and a verb?

  • Noun a long journey involving travel by sea or in space.
  • Verb go on a long journey, typically by sea or in space.

Similar words to voyage include: journey, trip, expedition, excursion, tour, hike, trek, pilgrimage, quest, crusade, passage, flight, travels, globetrotting, journeying and wandering. For me this all comes down to a simple idea……GO!

So to begin this year I want to ask all of us? What is this year’s voyage and where will we go?

I am not sure this has to be a physical GO as in a trip. But I want to challenge us to start a mental and emotional journey like a quest to our best self.

And what is this “best self?” In my experience, our “best self” is just one step forward from where we are today….it is a new now right in this moment.

And the magic is the choice to move forward!

Here are some of my experiences of actions to start you on your voyage:

  • Make a new friend. Take a moment and find that one great person you met and “never had time” to connect. Make a hello call, grab a tea and enjoy a new connection.
  • Practice the art of listening. Stop, look and listen! Spend more focused time with a loved one. Connect with you heart and mind. Learn something new.
  • Breathe…no really breathe! Do you ever find a day and you cannot remember intentional breath? OK maybe that is just me. One way to be a new self is to bring in more healthy oxygen to your cells and gift your body a moment of calm.
  • Read or listen to a new book. I am an audio book gal myself. And I am in my first book club starting now! It is amazing how I can relax and get so many ideas and uplifting messages from new books! And if you are looking for a great book, here is Christy Belz’s book God of Second Chances Here I Am Again on Amazon. I am featured in Chapter 7 😊
  • Practice gratitude every day. Gratitude makes your cells happy. Gratitude in the moment (great with a breath!) centers your soul and brings you joy. What if your voyage was full of gratitude in a journal, spoken to friends and shared in the world.

My favorite Betsy teaching is “Everything you know for sure….you are right!” Now with a New Year you have the choice to be a New You! You have the power to move forward to more joy and happiness.

You have the power to “know” the great things that you desire are on the way. Let’s share the voyage together!

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