Connection is the Key

connection inspiration Jul 19, 2022
Connection is the Key

This month I am sharing a bit of magic….not the card trick or Vegas act, but my experiences from 60 years on this Earth.

So many people I meet ask those same questions……  

  • Why are you so driven to Do Good and Have Fun?
  • What makes it possible to live BIG dreams?
  • How do you get to do retreats around the world?
  • How did you meet the Mayor of Akureyri, Iceland??

There are two parts to the magic to share today:  

  1. Dream it Up
  2. Make connections that count!  

Here is how it works:    

Dream It Up!    

First, I collect ideas all the time!  I start my day in prayer to stay open to serve and for ideas to help me on my life purpose to Do Good & Have Fun and to help others do the same.  It is amazing when you stay present and listen just what you may hear!  The art of “high noticing” is what my coach Cathy Hawk calls it.  You stay alert and never create a story of what “should be” and pay more attention to “what is.”  Look for things that naturally happen.  Find people with like-hearted energy.  Be curious.  And for me I write it all in my Dream BIG journal as if it is so….act as if you have everything you dream of.  Write in detail (or draw in sketches) and imagine the end results.  

Make connections that count!    

The second step is planting the seeds and laying the groundwork for your lifework!  I call them connections that count!  Seek to partner with others to help them live their dreams.  Listen to others and be kind and helpful.  Be still and find your role in being useful and supportive.  Invest first in others before you ever need anything from them.  And these seems in my experience will grow and grow!  When you do launch your BIG DREAM, the “Sisters” and friends that you have supported tend to be glad to return the favor!  The hours you have invested in others come back as support of YOU.  And the magic of who others know that you need adds to the fun of connections that count!  

The best way to make these connections is to SHOW UP and get started.  Here are some fun events in March from the CampExperience™ Network:   

Want to Up Your Experiences Game?  

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Let’s all keep making those Power-filled connects and live this journey together!