Do Good Have Fun: Philanthropy as a Business Tool

Nov 19, 2021
Do Good Have Fun: Philanthropy as a Business Tool

What differentiates your business from the pack?

What communicates your business’s heart and soul?

What can  unite employees, connect with customers and help your community?

Consider philanthropy as a business tool! We  call it “Do Good and Have Fun!” 

I have dedicated my life to uniting amazing women from all  walks of life to help others. Our Denver Colorado  CampExperience™ Network has raised over $1 million in cash and in-kind support for 50+ charities in Colorado and  around the world.  

We gather women for both online and in-person events,  promotions and campaigns, and each year we choose charity partners to receive the Network’s donations. Over  16 years we have been partnered with large organizations  like our Mile High United Way in Denver and small  organizations like the Sock It To Em Sock Campaign. Each  time we look for a specific project or group we can make a  difference for and engage our volunteers. 

There are so many examples of Doing Good and Having  Fun. One of my favorites was 1000 Acts of Peace in  September of 2019. We gathered donations of more than  20,000 items of shampoo, soap, toothbrushes, floss,  toothpaste, combs, sanitized wipes, Kleenex, a bottle of  water and a Luna bar. Then 130 women assembled 1000  

knapsacks in 2 hours, loaded onto buses and delivered the  donations to the Mayor of Colorado Springs, Colorado, to  gift to agencies that served people experiencing  homelessness.  

The process of partnering has elevated the stature of our  organization, attracted new members and kept the loyalty of  current members. Our focus on helping others rates high in  surveys about organization interest and market reputation.  We have developed a style of “Sisterhood by Choice” in  that we treat each other as family and treat others as our  own. Our community involvement generates positive  energy, publicity and more opportunities for our members  and sponsors. This experience has proven the following  three tips for your organization’s community success. 

Match Your Mission to Your Mate 

A great way to choose a community partner is to match the  passions and purpose of your organization with a like hearted “mate.” 

Like dating, try some conversations with potential  community partners and find a match. You might start with  your stakeholders to see where they are involved and what type of experiences are working. There may be timely  issues in your community, or you may need to serve  multiple markets across a country or a region.   

Look for: 

  • Leadership stability and fiscal responsibility.   Check some references to ensure a top reputation.  What are the deliverable goods and/or services and who  specially is served? How is the “good” measured?  What are the needs and specific opportunities to involve  staff or customers? For example, our volunteers gathered  new socks for men, women and children and the socks  stayed in each market to help local groups. 

Choose A Scale That Makes Success Easy 

My mom always asked, “Did you bite off more than you  can chew?” Even as I kid I wanted to do it all, save it all  and take every opportunity for the FUN of getting involved.  I have discovered (the overcommitted and tired way) that  with community involvement (and life) you can choose the  “scale” of involvement. This means when you discover the  magic of a cause that matches your interest, develop a “menu” of ideas both large and small. This scale serves  you in many ways: 

  • The menu of specific needs and tasks can fit the multiple  interests of your employees and customers. Include the  time, level of commitment, location and what to expect  when serving. 
  • When you start and complete an exact task, the small  success starts positive momentum. When you get even  small “wins,” you start to stack up the good deeds and   start the reputation of the project to be viable and FUN!  The process of developing the menu can unlock more  creativity and is great for the process of developing a  working partnership with your community organization. 

Just Do It … Go, Review and Repeat! 

After creating the perfect partnership and developing your  action plan just do it! Take action and begin. The magic of  the Do Good is the Have Fun! 

In hundreds of projects, we find that the journey of helping  others is even better than the destination of any goal. Goals  can always move and change. The journey is the juicy  relationship-building process. The activities connect hearts  and minds. The positive impact generates possibility  thinking and a fresh outlook. And these relationships and  shifted perspectives contribute not only in the community  but back in the organization. 

In a world running fast and working hard, take a  minute for some thoughtful strategy. Consider philanthropy and some Do Good Have Fun for you and your team!