Retreat to Advance!

connection inspiration personal growth Jun 14, 2022
Retreat to Advance!

I come to you from under a stack of stuff………..great stuff but mounds of STUFF none the less! Now is the time I am preparing to co-host three retreats:

  • CampExpeience™ Network in Keystone. May 19-22
  • UPROOT with Christy Belz and Eve Hogan in Maui, June 2-6
  • London with artist M.E. Ster-Molnar, June 21-23

You see for retreats, I choreograph not only the planning details, yummy food and guest communications, but also the MAGIC! And the MAGIC when you are doing ART takes loads of stuff.

I am a bit addicted to the Michael’s craft store sales and they hook me every time with “paper craft” supplies. For example for Maui I found some butterflies that we can paint and make them “our own,” adding our colors and words. And for Keystone another sale brought wooden hearts to collage.

The point here is the magic is because of the pre-planning and dreaming of what activities will “light up” and inspire our guests, how to lead them in a simple an fun way, and what “stuff” I need to have on hand. So here are my three views about why you might consider some type of retreat….to advance YOU and your journey!

Get Away To Get It: YOU Time

Funny how life happens and we wake up at the end of a busy day or week and have forgotten to even breath? Maybe that is just me? And I feel many days on auto-pilot running errands and running my businesses and always running…. A retreat takes you away from the every day into a new place and time for YOU time. 

Try Something New:

Experiences Make You Present I know that anyone can do art….especially with a loving leader and super cool supplies! My job is to make it EASY so you can relax and enjoy the exercise in using your right brain. And the good news…...there are no rules! You cannot fail. And the activity of just being present is PART of the magic.

Connect on a Soul Level

At my retreats, the intention is to create a sacred and safe space for guests to just BE. This means that the teaching and conversations lead by my talented co-hosts like Christy Belz  and Eve Hogan inspire and move people forward. And the guests’ human connections are part of that progress. At retreats you will be heard, be seen and be supported.

My Wiersma Experiences company is dedicated to creating the support system for co-hosts and bringing the magic of art and creativity to the event. Join us as we grow our annual experiences and get ready to retreat to advance!

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