Serving with Joy and Love

Nov 19, 2021
Serving with Joy and Love

A serial entrepreneur, podcaster, marketing maven, international speaker, event organizer, and relentless cheerleader, Betsy Wiersma has dedicated her life to staging and helping people host  memorable experiences. By connecting her passion with  purpose, Betsy has achieved remarkable results throughout  her entrepreneurial journey. Her passion for travel and  learning the stories of women everywhere has led her to  create CampExperience™ Network, a diverse network of  women that aims at connecting women, giving back, and  helping them grow as individuals and in their professional  endeavors. 

In an interview with Insights Success, Betsy sheds light on  her entrepreneurial journey and how her motto “Dream BIG  Live BIG” has helped her reach where she is today. 

Below are the highlights of the interview: 

Give us a brief overview of your position at the company  and your journey since its inception. 

I hosted my first “special event production” in Junior High.  It was the Junior Float, and I had a big idea. I convinced the  local Dairy Queen to give us money as a float “sponsor,”  and in turn, I gave the students Dairy Queen coupons. Dairy  Queen sold a load of treats, and I was on the road to my  event productions and sponsorship activation career. 

After seven college internships at Purdue University, a year  working for the Governor of Indiana, and a position as a  festival marketplace promotions manager, I started my  

business with $1000 and a dream. I would create memories,  influence commerce, and make the world a better place with  strategic special events and promotions. In 1985 I started  Wiersma Experience Marketing, and we launched with my  foundation that everything is ROI: Return on Ideas! In our 37 years, Wiersma Experience Marketing has served  clients worldwide and has created BIG IDEAS that produce  measurable results. I am blessed to have been an  inspirational speaker and workshop leader in 20 countries. 

The biggest of these ideas is the CampExperience™  Network. For 16 years, our “Sisterhood By Choice” of  motivated and inspired successful women has raised over  $1 million for charities in Colorado and around the globe. 

What were the challenges you came across overall in  your personal and professional career? 

I love ideas. What started as a one-time annual  CampExperience™ Fall Retreat became 60+ live  networking and social events a year. And then, I added three  podcasts that took me to three continents to capture the  stories of amazing women. And there is ongoing Charity  drives and Social Media platforms. And in 2021, I added  the first online course of my lifetime of work called MOVE  Ideas Into Action. 

You can get it. My heart for service and my constant ideas  are organized and produced by a small staff of contractors.  The ideas are plentiful, and we are only limited by our time!  We dream really big…and we always need sponsors and  partners who share the same energy and can help us serve bigger. 

As a CEO, what is your opinion on the impact of the  current pandemic on the industries and market? 

In a strange way, the pandemic was a blessing to our  organization. We really saw the online participation grow,  and the geographic footprint was unlimited. In the spring of  2020, we added events and services for our group and  created “safe places” for people to share the journey. On  Mondays, we played “BLINGO” which is BINGO for  Touchstone jewelry. On Saturdays, we gathered on Zoom to  be together and do creative things. Some knitted and some  painted. I did so much art that I was inspired to create The  STEW: Smart Talk Exceptional Women. This is a 200+  page color Art & Insights book that 62 of my “Camp  Sisters” wrote in 2020 to uplift and inspire other women. We created a new podcast just for the pandemic called  “Sisters Strong” and it was tactical and helped us all survive  the “new normal.” We call ourselves a “Sisterhood By  Choice,” and in 2020, we all needed all of the family  support that we could get! 

What is your thought on the necessity of a positive work  culture? In what ways do you implement it at your organization?  

The CampExperience™ Network has a motto: Do Good & Have Fun. We offer opportunities to gather and give our  time, talent, and treasures to local, national, and  international charities. The process of helping others is  magical. In 2021 our focus is gifting experiences to Foster  Youth. I can tell you that a day with the kids bonds our  whole group and sharing the joy of service cements lifelong  friendships. These friends become clients and then business  advocates. And this synergy helps our Network continue to  grow and thrive. We cannot help to be positive when we are  sharing unconditional love and heartfelt joy in service. We also have our Charity Partners tell their stories at our  annual Fall Retreat. We hear women from Kenya and  

Uganda pour out the truth of women in crisis. And we have  local women educate and inspire us about life on the streets  of Denver, Colorado. This diverse and inclusive crowd  moves the hearts of our participants. They choose to be  positive and helpful. 

What is it like being a CEO appearing to be fearless and  helping millions of people? 

I know I am here to serve, and I don’t “score” those  numbers. I have two great illustrations of this point. Just the  other day, I had a random email from a 74-year-old lady in  Johannesburg, South Africa. Just when I was having a down  day and sitting in overwhelm for not being enough, this  email changed my view. She had listened to my story on a  podcast and wrote to tell me that she was uplifted and  inspired. And she wrote that my words had helped her to  shift her perspective and feel supported in her challenging  times.  

My next example is also tied to a global radio interview I  did on New Dimensions radio with Justine Toms. This lady  in Hawaii heard the show during January 2021. She reached  out, and we connected by Zoom. Long story, this “radio  show listener” connected me to her dear friend on Maui,  

and I was blessed to interview the amazing Eve Hogan on  my Boost Power Podcast. When I arrived, Eve had just  survived breast cancer, and I was blessed with the most raw  and wonderful interview about her life-affirming insights. I  recruited my new “Sister” Eve to speak at the  CampExperience™ Network Fall Retreat in September  2021 in Denver. 

Moral of the story………you never know who you are  meant to serve. Just serve with joy and love. 

What is your vision with the company for the next five  years? 

I know I will always Do Good & Have Fun. I love telling the stories of women, and podcasting is a blast! I am crazy  into my Art on Purpose which was featured in Where  Women Create magazine in August 2021. And my art is like  my life, committed to uplifting and positive messages that  inspire and create joy. My dream is to take the lead in global Art & Insight Retreats and building other online  courses to join my first course MOVE Ideas Into Action.  And I believe my talented Denver team will grow the home base and continue to innovate and serve.