The Gift of a Flood

inspiration personal growth Sep 08, 2022
The Gift of a Flood

How Can An Office Flood Be A Gift???

On the Monday after my annual Art & Friends Reunion in Keystone I was happy to have my bestie, Lindsay Andreotti, still in Denver.

For one more precious day, we would have the fun of dreaming up BIG IDEAS, working on our new Kindness Club and thinking about "what’s next!"

I don’t know about you, but relaxing and dreaming with a like-hearted soul is so rare and so amazing.  I thought, “I am not even going to go into my (downstairs home) office today”…..I will just put the mail on my desk………..

And then everything changed forever.  Squish, squish under my feet... WATER.  On my desk.... WATER.  In the electronics... WATER!  In the framed Dr Suess print on my wall….WATER!  Somehow in the storm that day, the gutter emptied into the window well and SWISH….Basement office flood!

Lindsay and I got to work with towels and literally poured the water out of the printer…YIKES!  Doug came home and ripped out the carpet.  I rented a dehumidifier from Home Depot.  Finally three weeks later I am settled back in.  But how could the FLOOD be a gift you ask?

As I looked at the destruction, I heard my wee small voice of intuition….you can’t build your new life in the same old environment.  Everything must GO!

And go it did.  30 hours and four, 5’ tall trash cans later, I had cleaned out every file not only in my office but also in the storage room. Next I redecorated my walls to simplify to the themes of serving God with love and light, art of my own and others and travel photography (thank you Mike’s Camera!)  Finally I moved the clutter of photos and memories to the store room.  With loads of work and the sheer strength to let go, I created my new space for my new life of Art on Purpose.

If I did not have the blessing of the flood, I would have stayed in the heavy clutter of the past!   

So what about you?  Can my flood blessing be the story that helps you declutter and get ready for your own bright future.  I am living in unknown and trying new things.  And the new office reminds me that I have the power to change, to refresh and to renew my creative spirit.

Celebrating You And Everyday Happiness

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