The New Faces of Sisterhood

inspiration love organization personal growth Sep 08, 2022
The New Faces of Sisterhood

Happy September…can you even believe it?  I swear the years keep speeding up!  And one thing that is constant is change.

I love to entertain.  My mom Norma Wiersma, God rest her soul, is in heaven watching to be sure I put the “chips in a bowl not in the bag” and put out a nice spread.  Norma taught me the gift of hospitality and I love to host gatherings.

The COVID lockdowns were hard for my love of a good event.  With all the distancing, I so missed seeing my Camp Sisters.  Recently in August I finally was back in action hosting the Camp sponsors, members and committee at our summer cookout and boy did we have fun.  Here is the group shot.  And here is my noticing…..the faces have changed and the Sisterhood is the same full of love, friendship, doing good and having fun.

I remember the first CampExperience™ Network retreat in 2006 and everyone was a stranger…for about one minute! Sharing the experiences of the weekend in Copper Mountain in the East Village bonded us all.  We laughed, we cried and  we shared life’s journey.  We coined the phrase Sisterhood By Choice.

17 years later the events are different but the love is still strong.  The July Coffee & Conversations hosted by Laura Stewart, HomeSmart Realty, was standing room only and in September Coffee & Conversations is SOLD OUT!  New members are joining and say “they have found a home” to grow their business and personal life. 

So join us for all the fun and friendship you desire.  Give of yourself and get the rewards of a new network that is family. 

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Action Steps for FUN and Friendship:

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