The Power of RE-Imagination

imagination inspiration organization personal growth Aug 18, 2022
The Power of RE-Imagination

I just love being in my 60s! OK maybe not the aches and pains and all of that healthy aging stuff, but I do love the freedom of focusing on how to serve our BIG GOD in the most creative ways…EVER!

It is so much fun to see the CampExperience™ Network under the brilliant leadership of Lara Smedley and her team flourish and GROW! I have always LOVED collaboration and being the “founder” is the perfect role for me.

Recently, I traveled to Bellingham, Washington for a 4-day immersive retreat and coaching weekend with the amazing Cathy Hawk from Clarity International

Cathy has been my life and business coach (and best friend) for 15 years and I have not had focused time in person with her since before “The COVID.” I LOVE the Get Clarity way of cutting through the noise of life and business and getting to the core of “what lights you up?” and the details of exactly what you want. Do you know what you want? No really? If you are like me, you get busy doing and forget the dreaming!

I have been through so many major life changes with the transformation of the CampExperience™ Network, the focus on Art on Purpose in the world, the creation of a clothing and product line and the shifts in my motherhood role to the support of a 20-year-old! Fun that my five-year anniversary from the original art workshop in California is NOW in August. WOWOWOWOW how could my life have taken such an unexpected route to art products and clothing? And what fun to brand my leadership of retreats and workshops as WE: Wiersma Experiences.

My point for you is Re-Imagination

On my coaching retreat, I had a breakthrough to focus my Betsy brand on Art on Purpose. To be true, something with art is where I find my most opportunities to learn and try new things. Then naturally the art workshops and retreats fit in with the clothing and products. Recently I have been doing more Powerful Purpose Vision Board Workshops for corporations, non-profits and groups. So that is a great way to encourage creativity, diversity of though and inclusion in the love for everyone and their ideas. Sometimes things work….and sometimes they don’t! And the fun is the journey of trying new things and having fun every day.

Ideas for YOU and Your Journey 

  • Find a great sounding board to bounce around your ideas: Get a coach or just gather with friends
  • Take time to ask: What exactly do I want?  Dream in detail down to even the feelings you are feeling when you get your dream
  • Make a Vision Board, map or something to “see” your ideas
  • Change up your environment once and a while; meet new friends and try new experiences
  • Go For It!  Step into your possibility and see if it works!

I am out here playing BIG and encourage you to join me in life’s grand adventure!

Action Steps: 


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