Wear Art Be Happy: The Magic of a Great Outfit

art wear art Oct 05, 2022
Wear Art Be Happy: The Magic of a Great Outfit

On my recent travels to visit my daughter Sarah in Italy, I of course packed my Art on Purpose “Betsy wear."

First it is easy to roll up and never wrinkles, and second I matched my prints and pieces so I had multiple outfits with little space in my suitcase.  This was very important as we traveled in carry on for 10 days and I did not have a washer, so light and easy was a theme.

A magical thing happened….I was wearing a Shiny Night tank and my Shiny night cardigan and I wondered into a store with AMAZING bright colored clothing and fun designs.  Of course I shopped the SALE rack and found a t-shirt and sweater.  I asked the nice man “where did this brand come from?”  And he said “it is mine!” I said “WOW this is mine!” (pointing to the shirt and cardigan)  Anyway we were fast friends!  He then gifted me the t-shirt (how kind) and I returned to thank him with a Kindness Coin and told him all about my manufacturers and offered to do a collaboration if he ever wanted to…..MAGIC.  Check out Alberto’s amazing brand at https://ielpomilano.com

My point is that I have started loads of fun interactions and great conversations by wearing my art.  And all of my customers report the same.  They wear art.  They are happy and stand out as interesting.  They have a happy pep in their step.  They attract other like-hearted energy.  Magical things happen.

So this is my first Holiday Season and I am giving it all that I have!   I want to change the world with Art on Purpose 

Please join me and bring friends for my Art on Purpose Sample sale weekend October 28 – 29.

RSVP here to get on the VIP list and get more details, my address and a free gift: https://www.betsywiersma.com/?cid=ea808a7c-180d-4319-9014-b0a2b9f1e6e0rsvp

Friday night is Happiness Hour and Saturday is Open Home all day.  I have my original art collection, inspirational products and sample pricing in the store and I can custom order just for you!  And if you are on the list you get the online sale discount codes too so please register NOW!

If you know anyone who might carry cards, books, journals, art clothing and accessories one size or sized PLEASE find me! [email protected] 

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If you are in Denver, come to my home store…yes a full retail store in my home!  I will host you and your friends for some wine and shopping. 

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