Idea Generation and Consulting

Let Betsy bring her 40 years of innovative philanthropy, event creation, marketing and promotion design to your next project.  Betsy excels at creating one-of-a-kind experiences and products:

  • Charity fundraisers 
  • Shopping experiences
  • Donation drives
  • Networking and connection events, virtual and in-person 
  • Extraordinary social events
  • Retreats for 10 to 18 at her Keystone Gulch Retreat Center 
  • Art classes for business growth and client connection
  • Books and art products in print or on clothing
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The STEW: Smart Talk Exceptional Women

Women thrive on real-life experiences, smart talk, innovative ideas, and insights from our Sisters and friends. The STEW is a 200-page full-color book of 60+ women's stories, poetry, and custom art made by Betsy.  Get your copy and enjoy these stories to uplift and inspire.

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Ted X Talk

Choose Your Family Change Your Life

Betsy has discovered the power of a family “by choice” and shares her wisdom and engaging storytelling in her 2019 TEDx Talk.

While many of us may have close biological families, many of us “moved away” from our childhood homes and find ourselves alone in the world.  This TEDx presentation will remind you of your “chosen family” and the power they have to support you on your journey.

Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb

In 2018 Betsy and her Camp Sister Lindy had a BIG IDEA.  What if we climbed the Sydney Harbor bridge in Sydney Australia?  And what if each step raised funds for a local Denver kids cancer charity?  Betsy, a survivor of a near-death snowmobile accident that caused two hip replacements, moved past her fear of heights and the 1300 vertical steps to accomplish this bucket-list task, thrive in the climb and raise $3500 for the charity as well as podcast with some amazing Sydney women. Listen to stories from Sydney women in the Sister Stories podcast!

The Imaginal Society

Join Betsy on the ground floor of an international movement to help all of us support our wildest dreams.

Betsy is supporting her friend Lindsay Andreotti as a leader in the brand new Imaginal Society.

Take a minute and join to tell us your dreams.  And watch for the dates and details of The Big Dream Day events across America.

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A Note From Betsy

I believe in the power of ideas...and I believe together we can make the world a better plane and have FUN in the journey!  As early as 4th grade I was “selling ideas” and joining with other dreamers to create possibility.  Now almost 50 years later I am still creating and helping others to live their biggest lives.

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