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You are invited to join our June 13 Zoom call to enjoy spirited conversation and learn about our new curated podcast network by women and for women and built to inspire the world. GSPN: Global Sisterhood Podcast Network. We are exceptional women with podcasts on purpose and we seek like-hearted podcasters. Together we will create collaborative content, cross-marketing,revenue generation and a supportive "sisterhood" for everyone's success. We want to meet you and support your journey!

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GSPN has a leadership team of 20+ years in podcasting, sponsorship generation, community building and creative marketing

Sunny Gault

Sunny Gault is passionate about helping independent podcasters!

In 2005, she started her first podcast, Anchor in PJs, in her backyard as a way to learn more about podcasting. Sunny’s daily show was discovered by a video sharing site, earning her a job and launching her podcasting career.  Since then, Sunny has been involved in virtually every aspect of podcasting- eventually running her own podcast networks. 

She is currently the Founder and CEO of Independent Podcast Network, and as such, she regularly travels and speaks at podcasting events throughout the year. In addition to running IPN, Sunny is also part of the content and marketing team at Zencastr, the most popular platform for podcasters to record their guests remotely. If you use the Zencastr platform, you’ve probably already seen and heard Sunny through their tutorial videos and podcasts or even chatted with her during the live webinars.  Sunny is also the Founder of the Podcast Network Alliance, a group of independent networks that regularly collaborate together. 

Sha Sparks

Ever feel like you’re an imposter? Or maybe feel frustrated on how to clarify your vision or how to communicate more effectively with your team? Maybe, you are no longer Fired up about life right now, like you’re on a hamster wheel?

Well then, Sha Sparks is here to help you! Sha is the CEO (Chief Excitement Officer) of Sparks of Fire International & Certified Fearless Living Coach, and helps leaders reignite their F.I.R.E. to take Fearless action, to be Intentional with communication, to acknowledge their own Resiliency and spark Excitement in their life and business. 

She helps Veterans and Small Business Owners step out of their comfort zone so that they re-ignite their passion into a more aligned purpose and transform it into increased profits, and they experience a higher level of emotional intelligence, awareness and gratitude that allows them to lead from the heart and head with more clarity and alignment.

Lindsay Andreotti

Lindsay has been a force of nature as a mom, coach, business leader and entrepreneur for over 30 years. She is a published author and speaker, as well as a Certified Clarity Coach, Mindvalley Coach and Trainer. After supporting 1000’s of individuals to discover, live and launch their dreams into reality, about 3 years ago, Lindsay decided it was time to invent her second half of life dream. And recently, Lindsay moved right into that dream with an entirely new life in Florida.  Along the way she discovered that so many people in the world are also living their dreams right now, or are just on the verge of taking the plunge. Her passion is to find out what people are dreaming, and bring inspiration and life to the new dreams that are emerging in the world today.  When she’s not interviewing people, Lindsay travels a lot, works on business projects with her friends, and invents new ideas for new adventures.  Her experience is expansive, her wisdom runs deep, and most of all, she is a joyful listener with a heart full of love for all those she encounters.   Lindsay launches soon Livin’ The Dream with Lindsay podcast.

Betsy Wiersma

Betsy is a social entrepreneur, podcaster, artist and maker, marketing maven, expert convener, community organizer, strategic philanthropist, and relentless cheerleader.

Known for her BIG IDEAS and ability to rally people around a common cause, Betsy is the founder of the CampExperience™ Network.  With her Network Betsy has raised over $1 million for charities in Colorado and around the world.  Betsy has also created the Global Sisterhood Podcast Network with her flagship Boost Power Podcast, her Art on Purpose brand and her Wiersma Experiences workshops and retreats.

Through the Global Sisterhood Podcast Network, Betsy has helped dozens of podcasts take the steps necessary to have a successful launch! 

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