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Now is the new later. You are ready to move your ideas and dreams into the world, and we are ready to help you with our proven Process on Purpose. 

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What's Included

Idea Development

Enjoy Betsy's helpful tips to get your ideas moving into action. Includes six 45-minute inspirational and instructional videos, and a creativity kit checklist for supplies.

Process on Purpose 

Betsy introduces her Process on Purpose that has helped her innovate ideas and live her dreams all over the world.  She shares her warm up exercises, vision boards, vision boxes, journaling and communication tips, and community building ideas.

Real World Case Studies

Learn from previous success stories that include vision boards, vision boxes, mover interviews, communication tips. Get some paper and something to write with and let's GO!

A Note From Betsy

The world needs you!  You are gifted with new ideas and dreams and new ways to make an impact.  NOW is your time to shine.  With some simple steps and some fun creative exercises, you will get the new skills you need to MOVE Ideas into Action in your business and your life.

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Let's Take Action

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Are you ready to ROCK your ideas in the world? Betsy Wiersma, serial social entrepreneur, artist and maker, marketing evangelist, podcaster, expert convener, author, community organizer, strategic philanthropist, and relentless cheerleader is here to help you.

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For me, your development expression is personal!

For years I was dreaming all the time about so many ideas and so many things. I experienced the “stuck” and frustration of not knowing how to get things started.  I knew I needed some positive self-talk to believe I could make a difference.  And I wanted a process to stay in creation and move into the easy flow of manifestation.  And then….I found it!  I developed and have proven my Process on Purpose to move anyone’s dreams and ideas into action. Complete the form to the right to request a conversation with Betsy so she can help you find your process!

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