Move Ideas Into Action For Youth

The time has come to help the young adult in your life learn the value of dreaming and bringing their ideas to life. Our proven Process on Purpose makes it easy, allows you to bond, and builds confidence.

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What's Included

Idea Development

Enjoy Betsy's helpful tips to get your ideas moving into action. Suzy and Heather provide additional life skills tools to develop ideas that are true to you and the young adult in your life. Includes four inspirational and instructional segments with engaging how-to videos.

Process on Purpose 

Betsy introduces her Process on Purpose that has helped her innovate ideas and live her dreams all over the world.  She shares her warm up exercises, vision boards, vision boxes, and journaling. Suzy and Heather integrate their self awareness and goal setting processes proven to help adolescents build resilience.

Real World Case Studies

Get inspired by young adults who overcame obstacles to  move their ideas into action. These young “movers” range in age from teens to twenty-somethings, but all share the vision of making their dreams - some everyday, some SUPER charged - a reality for all to see

A Note From Suzy & Heather

Between social media, a myriad of activities, and important friendships, it can be difficult to truly bond with young adults. Adolescents also have difficulty believing in themselves and the value of their ideas. This amazing program makes BOTH of these rarities possible. You absolutely can’t miss out on this chance to make a difference in your lives and HAVE FUN together!

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A Note From Betsy

The world needs you AND the young adult in your life!  You are BOTH gifted with new ideas and dreams and new ways to make an impact. NOW is your time to shine. With some simple steps and some fun creative exercises, you will both get the new skills you need to MOVE Ideas into Action in your life.

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Are you ready to ROCK your ideas in the world? Betsy Wiersma, serial social entrepreneur, artist and maker, marketing evangelist, podcaster, expert convener, author, community organizer, strategic philanthropist, and relentless cheerleader is here to help you. She’s partnered up with Youth Resilience Coaches - Heather LaMontagne and Suzy Martinek - to help you AND the young adult in your life bring your amazing ideas into the world.

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