Powerful Purpose Vision Boards

Let Vision Boards Energize Your Dreams

Taught live or online, each guest will receive a Creativity Kit with plenty of supplies.  Everyone can bring their favorite magazines or mementos and Betsy has loads of extra supplies.  The process begins with connection exercises to united the group and set the tone for FUN!  Then the process begins with building a personal foundation, adding positive statements and affirmations, sharing the ideas, then building the dreams.  Guests take home a complete Vision Board. And the Creativity Kit can be used to repeat the vision board creation.  A QR code is included with each Kit with free access to Betsy’s online tutorial.

Get Started!

What's Included

 Creation Kit Full of Surprises

Our Creation Kit includes art cards, cardboard features, washi tape, specialty markers, WordArt, paper scraps, stickers, ribbons and fabric pieces, mounting squares, twine, cutout shapes, and a glue stick.

Instructional Video Access 

Enjoy lifetime access to the video workshop, which includes 45 minutes of guidance from Betsy that makes the process fun and easy!

Your Own Personal Touch

To personalize your vision, you will add cutouts from magazines, greeting cards, personal photos, tickets, quotes, and mementos.

A Note From Betsy

Vision boards can unlock your creative self and add visuals to your biggest ideas and dreams. This creative expression reminds you of your goals and brings energy to your plans.

Let's Begin!
Let's Begin