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Betsy Wiersma: Life On Purpose


On March 21, 1983, Betsy’s life changed forever.  As a Purdue University Senior, Betsy and her friends went snowmobiling on cold dark night.  In a tragic accident, Betsy and her friend Paul were hit from behind by another rider, killing Paul and throwing Betsy down the gravel road. The roadbed was ground into her face as she smashed her head, shoulder and right hip. Twenty-one days later, she woke up in the intensive care unit at the University hospital and overhead a conversation between the doctors. They were discussing,  “Is she brain damaged?  Will she walk again?”  Betsy had two questions, “Where is my friend Paul?” “And why was I still alive?”


Since the accident and the years of recovery, Betsy has dedicated her life to living each day and to helping others enjoy the journey.  Here motto is Do Good & Have Fun and her CampExperience™ Network has raised over $1 million for charities in Colorado and around the world. In her marketing and event planning, and in her Art on Purpose and educational programs, Betsy believes in ROI: Return on Ideas.

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A Note From Betsy

I believe in the power of 
Your story & my story
Your dreams & my dreams
Your network & my network
Your business & my business

 I am a happiness catalyst.  My motto is Dream BIG Live BIG.

I believe that collaboration can change the world…one friendship at a time.  

I believe that stories share experiences and unite our journey.  

Your purpose & my purpose can create magic and action and FUN.

 Connection, inspiration and fun…makes for a power-filled life.

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Betsy’s TEDx Talk: Choose Your Family Change Your Life

Betsy’s philosophy is showcased in her TEDx talk about the power you have to choose your “family” of allies and supporters that will make your life journey fantastic.

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CampExperience™ Network

Betsy’s 16-year-old CampExperience™ Network in Denver, Colorado, USA has the motto 'Do Good & Have Fun'. The 5000+ women have donated over $1 million to more than 50 charities in Colorado and around the world.

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Betsy's Boost Power Podcast

Enjoy Betsy’s flagship Boost Power Podcast with weekly interviews built to uplift and inspire. Subscribe on your favorite podcast app. 

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The STEW Book 

Women thrive on real-life experiences, smart talk, innovative ideas, and insights from our sisters. The STEW is a 200-page full-color book of 60+ women's stories, poetry, and custom art. Join us to serve women of the world.