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Enjoy her clothing, products and custom-designed gatherings full of possibility for you and your tribe.

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 Art on Purpose Clothing

Betsy’s art is super fun and fashionable.  See it on a variety of clothing in every size.

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Celebrate Every Day

Buy a Betsy product or let Betsy create products just for you and your own opportunities.

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Art for Your Team

Grow with Ideas & Insights

Enjoy Betsy’s three years of engaging interviews of over 200 women from the United States to Australia and everywhere between.  These heartfelt stories share real-life experiences to ignite your possibilities! 

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A Note From Betsy

All about LOVE

If you take inventory of the best times of your life and your best memories, my guess is they are experiences! When you attend a retreat or workshop, take a course, travel, learn, explore, grow, taste, and understand, you change every cell in your body. And as you rejoice, relax, achieve, conquer, gain perspective or master a new skill, you grow and open new possibilities for your life.  

Experiences are the spice of a happy and joy-filled life. I am a happiness catalyst. 

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Extra Special Projects

Idea Generation and Consulting

Let Betsy bring her 40 years of innovative philanthropy, event creation, marketing and promotion design to your next project.  Betsy excels at creating one-of-a-kind experiences and products:

  • Charity fundraisers 
  • Shopping experiences
  • Donation drives
  • Networking and connection events, virtual and in-person 
  • Extraordinary social events
  • Retreats for 10 to 18 at her Keystone Gulch Retreat Center 
  • Art classes for business growth and client connection
  • Books and art products in print or on clothing
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