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Art on Purpose

Betsy believes art has a purpose: to uplift, to inspire and to celebrate.  Betsy’s inspired art lives on products and clothing manufactured on demand just for YOU!

Wear Art, Be Happy

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How it Works

In August of 2017 I took my first art class and fell in love with mixed media!  Art is a passion and I invented my Art on Purpose brand to reflect my intent: Art will uplift and inspire the user and the wearer, and some of my proceeds benefit my favorite charities.  Art on Purpose for good! 

I begin every piece by writing on the canvas a positive affirmation and statement for purpose.  In the process, I connect to my inner voice for love and wisdom, and to bring to life these Sisters and friends to uplift the owner.


Apply for Wholesale

  • You choose what pieces that fit your customers and their style.

  • You pick pieces of artwork that has your favorite colors, theme and vibe

  • Wholesale is based on total number of items of any style

  • Lead time is 3-4 weeks to exit the factory

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