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The CampExperience™ Network

In 2006, Betsy had a BIG IDEA.  She believed that women in Denver COlorado would thrive if they had a network of “Sisters by Choice” to gather for education, inspiration and connections.  Her motto was “Do Good & Have Fun and her dream began with a vision map for the first Fall Retreat Weekend.  Now 16 years later, Betsy’s CampExperience™ Network has uplifted and inspired over 5000 women while raising over $1 million cash and in-kind support for 60 charities in Colorado and around the world.


What We Do

Our motto is Do Good & Have Fun. Almost everything we do centers around giving back and celebrating the good times we have while we do it. We believe things are Always Better Together. 

We give in many ways; in monetary donations to incredible charities and causes, we give with our time, and we provide a network of support and friendship for our sisters.

It is an investment in YOU for a Return on Ideas for living your BEST life!

Along with our monthly gatherings, we host two CampConnections LIVE events where all of our energy and talents come together in one spectacular day. CampConnections LIVE is packed with speakers, workshops, shopping, charity activities, and FUN designed to fill up your spirit, ignite your dreams, and renew your perspective.


What We Do

In the summer of 2005, Betsy Wiersma and 14 volunteers gathered to design a weekend getaway that would uplift and support busy women, and make a difference. 

Built on the desire to build a platform where women help women, we focused on creating a ‘Summer Camp’ atmosphere. Everyone could disconnect from the hustle and bustle of every day and reconnect with themselves and like-minded women. We designed a series of hands-on workshops, storytelling experiences, and activities that connected us with our mind, body, and spirit. 

Together the CampExperience™ Sisterhood raised $20,000 for charity in that first weekend, and the magic of CampExperience™ began! 

Today The CampExperience™ Network is run by a group of 25 dedicated volunteers on CampCommittee. With a small hard-working team of staff members.

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