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Celebration, Praise and Heartfelt Words: We Can Do Hard Things

Happy 2023. What a blessing it is to be alive, in America and able to have conversations about our ideas, dreams and desires. As a Betsy VIP, you get the inside scoop. Inside of the plans, inside of adventures and this time inside of my heart.

My favorite investment of time is watching The Chosen. It is the story of Jesus and his disciples and followers. It is the highest crowd-funded television spectacle and its goal is to reach one billion souls.

I think the goal is growing to touching and supporting over a billion people around the globe! You can see it on YouTube or better yet download The Chosen app on your phone.

In December they launched Season III in theaters. Doug and I attended and it moved us. Doug even started watching Season I & II. In one of my many favorite scenes, Jesus asks the disciples “are you ready to do hard things.”

The answer is YES. We can do hard things!

My most outstanding example of hard things are my two best friends and chosen family: Carol Calkins and her daughter Katrina Dorow. Katrina may have had the bout with cancer, but her mom Carol has fought every moment of the fight.

It gives me such perspective for what I think is a “hard day” when I see Katrina in chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries and doing everything to live a happy and healthy life. Carol is on board 24/7 as a driver, partner to the family for kiddo care and emotional support. But for this family there was more!

Carol raised funds to surprise Katrina and her family with a bedroom and kid room makeover in order to create a healing space for them all. And Katrina found a love for equine therapy, enrolled in a teaching program and joined the leadership of Hope Held by a Horse, a cancer support group. Carol and Katrina are leading a first-ever Fundraising Fashion Show next June and I am honored to support them with my Art on Purpose clothing.

Carol and Katrina, the kids and husbands are living super heroes of “doing hard things.” And that is the message to begin the year: YES, We can Do Hard Things! And maybe when the journey is tough in any way, we can reach out to each other for partnership and help. I know when I look at Carol and Katrina, I can do hard things too. And look at what 12 ordinary disciples did to spread the good work of Jesus? For me the best way to start to help others and to help myself ….is to Be. Kind.

One-Of-A-Kindness Club to partner with Art on Purpose

I am all in for kindness and am happy to announce a collaboration between my world and Lindsay Andreotti and her One-of-A-Kindness Club. In the coming months we will host events, a new video podcast called UnderWired and will build together the Art on Purpose brand. Anyone can join our One-of-a-kindness Club and get Kindness Kits with our own Kindness Currency collectable coins. Proceeds from my clothing sales, events and projects will fund the spread of kindness around the world. I think this is the perfect growth to my Do Good & Have Fun philosophy that we have built for 18 years in the CampExperience™ Network. Now we will grow and spread more FUN in the form of kindness! Join our movement!

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