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What Will You Trust?

I am embarking on a huge journey for me….the journey to total trust. I have been pretty good at “letting go and letting God.” And now I am going to turn it up a notch….

It started when our daughter decided to not attend our family vacation and instead to go see a friend. At first “Mama Betsy” was disappointed, but soon we released that felling and we sure that there was nothing worse than an unhappy 20-year-old ruining our vacation. So we let it go….(take a note here). And with that opening of space (in our cruise cabin) we could invite a fun and happy friend to take her place. This magic of CHANGE and letting God take the lead is my focus for 2023 and beyond. Now watch THIS!

With our friend Lindsay, everything changed. Doug had a companion for early breakfast, coffee and conversations (and I could sleep!) I had a Sister to wear my Art on Purpose clothing and to help me build the brand and dream really BIG.

And Lindsay attracted for us the opportunity to meet the head buyer for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines as well as created the circumstances for me to “wonder” into a boutique in Nassau to meet some shop owners who may want to private label. Lindsay and I even approached beautiful women to wear the clothing for fancy photos!

WOWOWOWOWOW. With Sarah on a family trip we would have been fine, had a nice time and all was well. When we let go of the expectation of “family trip,” God used it for His good in the forward movement of the Art on Purpose brand and Lindsay’s One-of-A-Kindness movement. Amen and AMEN.

So what about you? Do you want to go on this e-ticket wild ride of total 1000% trust? I am open to changing everything! Take a look at the new MOVE Ideas Into Action Retreat ….in Denver! Yes, I believe we can all save $400 and the travel to Keystone and we can do the magic right her at home. I trust if I build it….YOU will come!

Here are some prompts for TOTAL TRUST:

  • God has got this. I will not be in a circumstance I cannot handle. I am strong and able.

  • God has a plan and I have a purpose. I have these dreams for a reason!

  • I am supported and will find the family, friends and opportunities to support my best self.

  • Life is great and everything is on purpose. I can breath and get through anything with style

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