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Believe In Miracles

Nature, Tree Hugging, Healing and a Successful Mountain Trek….Expect Miracles


Thank you for all of your prayers and love for my pilgrimage to the South of France to encounter my beloved Mary Magdalene and explore her rich history.

In review if you missed the June newsletter, in typical Betsy fashion, I did not read the fine print of my retreat called Bloom and I missed the “embrace nature” focus.  Of course, this connection to nature was exactly what God had in store for me PLUS much, much more!


My Pilgrimage to France and Lessons to Share

The benefit of opening this newsletter is that you get the big breakthrough, miracle idea that I went all the way to France to find….Wait for it….

Just Take the Next Step!  I have been a planner all of my life (OK read the theory that I was “in control”) for as long as I can remember.  The good news is that as a “doer” I had many blessings of worldly success.  Thank you God for the HOPE Bracelet Project in Ethiopia, the CampExperience™ Network in Colorado and the 300+ podcasts telling the stories of women around the world. (get the podcasts, free classes and my new interview about things I learned in business here )  All greatness put in the world under the banner Do Good Have FUN!


But the challenge here is DO….even my sister and I had the conversation just recently.  We were well trained by our parents to “DO,” and not acquainted with the thought to “just BE.”  Can anyone relate to this?  The world (and my parents) says…what have you DONE today?  And it leads me (and maybe you?) to feel measured by output!  WOWOWOWOW that is a load to carry and hard to “up your game” every next time.  You really saw that with the annual CampExperience™ Network retreat.  Many agree it was always different and even better every year! (no pressure!)


So back to a mountain, in nature in France with just me.  This personal time was the very first time I went “alone” with just my huge God, into the world for a brand new, non-controlled by me, uncomfortable in my past thought of nature, week of wonder.  And the magic miracle was the peace of just me, the listening for God and Mary Magdalene and the new appreciation of nature.  I hugged a tree to share its energy.  I trusted my fearless leaders with my soul.  I was still and learned to “just be.”  And I stood for myself choosing to do a quiet day of art and NOT hike a harder path to a cave.  Yes, I made a choice for me and did not follow the group!  And when the mountain climb was hard, and when I looked ahead and started to create a story of fear and “I can’t,” I heard God say literally “just take the next step!”  And the miracle happened for me!  I climbed the path, I climber the last 150 stone steps, I enjoyed the Sainte Baume mountain cave of Mary Magdalene and I came back down with ease.  Amen and Amen!

What Is Your Mountain?

I bet you are on a “climb” right now too!  Take a breath and here are my tips:

  • Prepare well.  I have been walking 5000 – 12,000 steps for two years in hilly Colorado at altitude and in Florida where it’s flat.  My body was ready to move.

  • Get the right gear!  For me shoes and a great hot, sunscreen and sunglasses.  I borrowed a walking stick that was super helpful. 

  • Pray it in.  I created a journal and notes book with all kinds of images of Mary Magdalene and Jesus, uplifting quotes and images of my family and pets.  This written space combined with my heart space for listening.  And I made Mary Magdalene mixed-media art but that came through me!

  • Trust your intuition.  I saw Veronique Flayol and after reading her story, I KNEW she was my guide.  She had the perfect also trusted, amazing and gifted co-leaders Colette and Eugenie. Take a look around  The same team are doing the Bloom retreat next May…highly recommend!

  • Be Here Now….this personal mantra is also my favorite art that I created in London!  Just be present to the quest and go with the flow.  Trust in God’s plan and ENJOY!


I am excited to donate to Veronique’s association Santo Madaleno Association to support Mary Magdalene traditions and an annual festival with any sales of my Mary Magdalene Love & Light art….



New Boost Inspired Podcast with Veronique

I am back in the podcast business when I am inspired by a person, place or thing uplifting the world.  Listen to my fun interview in France with Veronique Flayol by clicking the Boost Power Podcast icon.


Wishing you a happy and healthy summer…………Be Here Now and take the next step.


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